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Turkish Bath(Hamam)
Turkish Bath(Hamam)
Turkish Bath(Hamam)
Turkish Bath(Hamam)

The Secrets of Hamam

The Turkish Hamam (also Turkish Bath or Hamam) is the Midle Eastern variant of a steam bath, which can be categorized as a wet relative of the sauna. They had played an important role in cultures of the Middle-East, serving as places of social-cultural gathering, ritual cleansing, healing treatments and as architectural structures, institutions, and (later) elements with special customs attached to them. Europeans learned about the Hamam via contacts with Turkey hence the European name for it: "Turkish" hamam.

Taking a Turkish Hamam firstly involves relaxing in a room (known as the iliklik) that is heated by a continuous flow of hot dry air allowing the client to perspire freely.  May then move to an ever hotter room (known as the hararet) before splashing themselves with cold water. After performing a full body wash and receiving a massage, clients finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation.

In Turkey, the advent of modern plumbing systems, showers, and bathtubs in homes caused the importance of hamams to fade in past 20 years. But  the importance of Hamams comes back in recent times. 
Cappadocia is a good place for you to participate in many activities at the same time. You can find many activities to relax. Massage therapy is one of the best activity, is a best way to relax so that we recommended our guest to go hamam in order to get happy and relax.

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