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Hot-Air Ballooning
Hot-Air Ballooning
Hot-Air Ballooning
Hot-Air Ballooning
Cappadocia is the best place on earth for hot air ballooning with its fascinating landscape and micro climate. Flights are operated all year around and every season has another charm. Experiencing such an amazing aerial nature walk is absolutely a life times experience.

Hot air balloon flights start with the first lights of the day when only you and the mother nature is awake!

Witnessing the sun rise while watching the preperations is also another spectecular. Low contour flying in the valleys give you another opportunity to see the whole Cappadocia.

Ballooning is a very nice way of spending time with family & kids, celebrate a birthday, propose to your loved one, repeating your vow, a special present to be remembered, highlight for a successfull incentive gathering or even to get married in the basket.

You can enjoy this unique landscape with birds eye from the air without an engine!

Ballooning is safe and our partner operators carry full passanger insurance. Ballooning in Cappadocia is suitable for the age groups of 6 to 90. It has been proven by many passangers that low contour flights with hot air balloons does not cause fear of hights. We highly recommend this experience to our guests who make their ways to Cappadocia.

For more information about the flight programs, summer & winter operations and for reservation please contact our staff at Travel İnn cave Hotel reception.

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